The infinity Guide: Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

The Ultimate Guide: Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

The history of the Alma bag

The ‘Alma’ is one of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic bags. The bag was originally commissioned by no other than Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel as a one-of-piece for herself. It wasn’t until 1934 that she gave Louis Vuitton the permission to put the bag into general production who launched thag bag under the name ‘Squire’. In 1955 the bag was renamed the’Champs-Elysee’ and it wasnt until 1992 that the bag was named ‘Alma’.

Over the years the bag has been produced in countless materials like Monogram and Damier canvas to every shade of color in Epi and Monogram Vernis leather, as well exotics skins like ostrich, python and crododile. And of course countless limited runway editions with various arstist and stylist.

What sizes was the Alma produced in?

The Alma was produced in the following sizes, however the GM size is currently not available at Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Alma Mini Bag 21cm W x 16cm H x 10cm D 8.27in W x 6.3” H x 3.94” D

Louis Vuitton Nano Alma Bag 17cm W x 12cm H x 8cm D 6.7”W x 4.7”H x 3.1”D

Louis Vuitton BB Alma Bag 23.5cm W x  17.5cm H x 11.5cm D l 6.7”W x 4.7”H x 3.1”D

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Bag 32cm W x 25cm H x 16cm H l 12.8”W x 9.5”H x 6”D

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Bag 36cm W x 28cm H x 17cm D l 14”W x 11”H x 6.7”D

Louis Vuitton Alma GM Bag 39cm W x 29cm H x 18.5cm D l 15.2”W x 11.3”H x 7.2”D

How Much Does a Louis Vuitton Alma Handbag Cost?

Pricing changes hugly depending on the material and size. Prices are based on 2019 price list or the last know price for out of production or limited edition versions.

Louis Vuitton Mini Alma Bag

Epi Leather$1’350
Monogram Vernis$1’350

Louis Vuitton Nano Alma Bag

Epi Leather$1’200

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag

Monogram Canvas$1’230
Damier Canvas$1’230
Epi Leather$1’620
Epi Denim$1’770
Monogram Vernis$1’860
Patent Leather€1’350

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Bag

Monogram Canvas$1’530
Damier Canvas$1’530
Epi Leather$2’160
Monogram Vernis$2’390
Patent Leather$2’470

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Bag

Monogram Canvas$1’850
Damier Canvas$1’850
Epi Leather$2’500
Monogram Vernis$2’810

Louis Vuitton Alma GM Bag

Monogram Canvas$1’960
Epi Leather$2’810
Monogram Vernis$3’100
Epi Electric$3’100

Limited Edition and Runway Alma Bags

Louis Vuitton x Azzedine Alaia Cenenaire Monogram Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton x Azzedine Alaia Centenaire Alma

1996 limited edition for the 100th anniversary of the Monogram Canvas. Fashion designer Azzedine Alaia created this unique Alma in Monogram Canvas and leopard-printed calf hair. Available in one size only for $4’800.

Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Alma Haute

S/S 2001 limited runway edition in collaboration with artist Stephen Sprouse. Crafted in white calfskin leather in either peach or black. Available as PM for $, Horizontal for $ and Haut for $.